Organic Farming
Due to an impact of training & demonstration of Organic Farming farmers started organic farming & curtailed down expenditure upto 1500/- per ha. & reduces their cost on chemical fertilizer and pesticides.In collaboration with State Agriculture Dept. and other private organizations, KVK organizing large number of organic campaigning programme at different villages and at KVK for promotion of organic farming & to reduce the cost of production and maintain soil health.
KVK has also developed Organic Farming Model at KVK farm on 2 ha.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Satpuda Education Society, Warwat Bakal Road, Jalgaon Jamod, Dist: Buldana (Maharashtra)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
KVK conducted IPM in cotton demonstration on 50 ha in KVK operational area villages. Farmers are appreciated and adopted importance & tillage preparation and trap  cropping in cotton.The farmers are aware about an identification, conservation and importance of  beneficial insects and an application of bio-logical insecticides.
Reduce the cost of pest management with the help of IPM.
Reduction of 2-3 chemical spray.

Value Addition in Soybean
As a impact of training & demonstration of importance and use of soybean in diet the rural women are aware about the importance & use soybean as a highly nutritional pulses in regular diet to meet nutrient requirement for women & children.KVK Buldana organized large number of training & demonstration programme on importance of soybean in diet and their value addition. KVK Buldana prepared Soya Ata & give wide publicity to Soya Ata through various trainings, awareness caps & exhibition.

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